It is a fact that the use of this online platform can provide a significant income to the owner of a property and indeed several times more than conventional rental!

In order to be able to accommodate every …desired booking, the property should be in a high standard of condition, so as to be able to attract the prospective guests. Usually, however, it is difficult as a landlord to meet the requirements of potential guests without going through the process of partial or total renovation.

Renovating a property can help substantially in this type of short-term rental in the following ways:

Extensive use of a space over time will show wear and damage; so a thorough inspection of the premises can reveal significant damage that can lead to major issues.

The truth is, all too often a scheduled inspection can cost less than an emergency issue causing major damage to the property.

For example, an old plumbing or wiring may have wear that becomes apparent when it is overloaded, so if such an issue arises during a high booking season, it may well cause mass cancellations. However, by carrying out a scheduled inspection followed by a proper renovation, such unpleasant situations are prevented!


Your property can attract more potential guests

Renovation gives a breath of fresh air to the property, as the premises are now scattered with a sense of cleanliness.

No matter how much the worn and old furniture and sanitary ware is cleaned, their appearance gives the feeling of unrefreshed and filthy; and this may lead to bad reviews and deter numerous future bookings.

For example, an old bathtub, no matter how thoroughly we have disinfected it, no matter how clean it is, would always show its wear.

Benchmarking advantage against competition

The increase in competition brought about by the influx of available properties on Airbnb’s website often necessitates the renovation of the property, simply because guests prefer to pay a little extra money to stay in a more upscale environment.

Each renovation always depends on the needs at hand: in order to be freshened up, the premises may need from a simple wall painting to a total makeover.

Moreover, the return on your investment can be made fairly quickly and create a highly attractive and therefore positive impression to interested parties from the outset. Otherwise, a negative review can hardly be reversed.

Always remember that a potential guest is going to assess the premises from the photos. It is more than certain that a beautifully decorated property that stands out, along with appropriate imagery will show it off properly, bringing the desired results to the property owner.

Renovation process

Proper planning and organization of the project contributes to avoid spending money unnecessarily, achieving eventually the best possible outcome. This is our area of expertise!

So contact us by phone or email to arrange a visit to your property to assess its condition and determine its renovation options.

Next, we will prepare a detailed feasibility study with proposals for the best renovation, interior design, and the exact equipment required. We undertake the entire renovation process and deliver it ready to lodge.

and if you wish, we even prepare its Airbnb listing. We can provide you with advice on full promotion of an equipped and renovated property, including its shooting for the Airbnb platform.

All these modifications made can only bring positive reviews on the Airbnb platform and thus more prospects, which is the whole point of the case!