Why bathroom renovation?

One of the most busy areas of the household is undoubtedly the bathroom, which, especially in old houses, suffers the most wear and damage.

Therefore, very often bathroom renovation is a must, since damage or leakages occur without warning.

The renovation of this particular room is carried out for other reasons as well: its aesthetic upgrade or the improvement of its efficiency; so its transformation should be successful in every respect!

The renovation of an old bathroom is therefore opted for because:

  • It ensures a new healthy environment

  • Eliminates the chances of damage, caused by failure

  • It increases the overall likelihood of letting or selling the house due to the positive impression made on any potential tenant or buyer.

After remodeling, the bathroom is now comfortable and convenient; it gives the sense of cleanliness and above all the facilities meet all safety standards.

Indicative works

In general, total or partial bathroom renovation is mainly related to (a) the needs of the residents, (b) the changes required and (c) the allocated budget.

The works that can be carried out during a bathroom renovation are the following:

  • Placing debris collection funnels
  • Removing old tiles or marble from the bathroom walls and floor
  • Dismantling of old sanitary ware
  • Removing external window frame
  • Dismantling of the old water supply and sewerage system
  • Removing old wiring
  • Dismantling of electrical materials of the bathroom (sockets, switches)
  • Installing new wiring
  • Installing new plumbing
  • Replacing the old sewerage system
  • Plastering for wall levelling
  • Laying new tiles and fitting sanitary ware
  • Fitting towel rails or new radiators
  • Installing a boiler or solar water heater
  • Painting
  • Fitting plaster ceiling corner (all around)
  • Cleaning the space – removing the debris after completion of the works and placing it in a special container

Bathroom renovation procedure

First, you can contact us by phone or email and send us the original bathroom floor plan – if you want.

Next, we can schedule a meeting at your property where an on-site inspection will take place, while you inform us of your needs and budget.

Next step includes the drafting of an estimate and the creation of a new 3D bathroom floor plan.

You select the work that best suits your requirements (construction, quality, ergonomics, and cost) from the 3 proposals we have presented to you and we proceed to issue the necessary permits.

Finally, the organization and supervision of the individual works is carried out by a foreman or engineer.