Renovation package Advanced: €12800


Dismantling of the old front door
Installation of a new high security front door with 16-point locking
Unbreakable security lock
Electrostatically painted inner metal frame external wood cladding in a wide range of colours
– Insulated perimeter of the door frame
– Security latch, knob and adjustable hinges


– Stocking and spackling
– Priming and painting using eco-certified paints
– Paint selection from well-known brands such as Vitex, Vivechrom, Kraft, etc.
– Colour combinations
– Ideas and suggestions from our interior designers


– Dismantling of the old kitchen and removing wall tiles
– Thorough inspection of the water supply and drainage pipes
– 3D visualization of the new kitchen
– Installation of the new kitchen and tiles in colours and designs of your choice
– 18mm thickness melamine embossed facet for kitchen cabinets
– Waterproof countertop 40 mm thick, 600 mm wide and bakelite surface
– Synthetic granite sink and mixer tap connection; a wide range to choose from
– Metal drawers and hinges
– Fitting of knobs, spoon- and dish-rack of your choice
– 10cm adjustable legs


– Dismantling of the old doors
– Installation of 4 top quality, moisture resistant laminate doors
– A wide range of designs, materials and colours to choose from
– Corrugated cardboard lining for fire and sound proofing
– Curved or flat profile blockboard door frame
– A 7.5 or 9cm lock with internal wood reinforcement at the locking point
– Adjustable screw-on hinge
– Rubber seals mounted


– Dismantling of sanitary ware and removing old tiles and
– Thorough inspection of the water supply and drainage pipes
– 3D visualization of the new bathroom
– Installation of new Italian-Spanish tiles in a wide range of colours and designs
– Fitting of a new washbasin in a wide range to choose from
– A wide range of branded washbasin-bath mixer taps to choose from
– Painting of non-tiled surfaces
– Built-in shower tray and a porcelain basin with full and partial water flush mechanism
– Bathroom accessories set


– Fitting of German Laminate (sluggish) or Italian-Spanish top quality tiles
– A wide range of colours and designs to choose from
– Floor perimeter skirting


– Dismantling of old frames
– 4 Energy-efficient double glazed window frames
– Tilt and turn frame mechanism
– Double handle
– mesh insect screen infrastructure
– Roller blind


– Selection of suitable cables
– Total electrical wiring replacement
– New kitchen and bathroom power supplies
– New Legrand sockets and switches
– Thorough heating system inspection


– Electrochemical corrosion control installation of a multilayer piping heating network (avoiding joints and soldering)
– Fitting of new branded heating panels and switches
– Towel rails supply and fitting in the bathroom
– Fitting of a galvanised metal water intake panel
with collector support


– Fitting of a stainless steel gas burner
– Copper heat exchanger
– Multiple heating zone systems available
– IPX5D certification
– Thermostat

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