ANAKAINISI MASTER is a renovation builders and contractors company with offices in Thessaloniki and Lemnos operating in the field of home renovation, construction and interior design since 2006; while offering the most suitable integrated solutions for the modernization of private and professional premises. It undertakes projects in the wider region of Central Macedonia and the island of Lemnos. It partners with the qualified engineers, architects, decorators and experienced crews that cater to any need that may arise.

The company undertakes the whole range of reconstruction and works for the partial or total remodeling and modernization of the premises. Moreover, it has the advantage of being able to provide customized adaptations and solutions to meet its clients’ needs and requirements, always within the existing budget, adding value to every site it undertakes to renovate.

Top quality materials are used in all projects, thus ensuring the best possible outcome from both an aesthetic and functional point of view, while the latest industry developments are integrated into each project.

The company’s objective is to provide quality and innovative services so that the client is fully satisfied with the final outcome, delivering an excellent, stylish and modern estate, renovated in line with the plan and schedule set.

Our executives’ vision is the continuous service upgrading, to ensure its continuous growth in the field of renovations.

ANAKAINISI MASTER is a specialized company with long experience and know-how, which successfully accomplishes every project with high professionalism and consistency, as evidenced by its dozens of satisfied customers.

Why us?

Our company gains added value, from a combination of several factors leading to the desired outcome.

ANAKAINISI MASTER has the privilege to offer you the following:

  • reliable, up-to-date and innovative solutions for all requirements
  • a perfect outcome, of high aesthetic quality
  • original price quote guarantee, without any deviations
  • proper design and implementation by qualified and reliable associates (architects, engineers, interior designers, plumbers, electricians, etc.)
  • economical packages available
  • project implementation in line with customer requirements
  • installments available
  • most competitive market price
  • quality materials with emphasis on recycling and conversion

In addition, ANAKAINISI MASTER ensures the ongoing updating of its staff on the most recent developments in the sector, by participating in conferences and workshops.

In conclusion, ANAKAINISI MASTER is the perfect choice in the field of renovation because it ensures an excellent outcome, meeting the needs of every customer, providing solutions for all purposes, at the best market prices!

Renovation Packages

Basic: €3700

Extra: 7700

Advanced: €12800