Why kitchen renovation?

Of all the rooms in a house, kitchen is the most significant as it is here that people spend several hours of the day.

Therefore, it must be structured to ensure maximum ergonomics, functionality and convenience. The kitchen’s aesthetic also plays a key role, strongly affecting the disposition to stay, if revamped.

This is exactly what a “new” tidy space offers: a spot that feels like someone has taken care of it!

Kitchen renovation steps

For the proper organization and execution of kitchen renovation, a number of steps is followed.

More specifically:

  • Once you have contacted us by phone or email, we arrange a meeting at your property to assess its potential.
  • We take the kitchen wall measurements and choose the layout to decide on the design. We record everything and suggest the exact placement of the kitchen, the sink, as well as the position of all other appliances.
  • At the same time we assess where sufficient storage space will be required.
  • We inspect the condition of the power and plumbing installations as well as the heating and air conditioning systems.
  • You choose the style you prefer and specify the budget you are willing to spend.
  • We proceed with the preparation of the feasibility study, we present our proposals and once we agree on the final layout of the kitchen, our architect can design the 3D model of the kitchen (a photorealistic representation).
  • Renovation starts with the dismantling of the old kitchen: old furniture, tiles, plaster, wiring, plumbing and socket switches are dismantled.
  • With regard to the wiring in the kitchen, due to the constant demand for additional electrical appliances, they are rarely enough. Thus, openings are made in the walls for the installation of conduits-cables for additional power supply where required.
  • Plumbing as well as of water and sewerage pipes are replaced.
  • Water and sewerage pipes are moved. The sink may need to be placed in a different spot than before, due to a change in the layout.
  • Next comes the furniture assembly: Acrylic, Veneer, Bakelite, Solid wood are some of the options for cupboard doors drawers. The countertop can be made of fireproof material, compact laminate and the sink can be Inox, corian etc.
  • The kitchen flooring is installed: you can choose among tiling in various designs, or even laminate or linoleum flooring.
  • The next step is the assembly and installation of the new kitchen furniture and electrical appliances.
  • Finally, the kitchen is plastered and painted.